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Finally there’s a simple, user-friendly way to send content to your Kindle, and it’s directly in the web browser:

I used to connect my Kindle via cable to my computer and drag over the files manually. While that worked it didn't retain highlights and notes that I made from the book and it didn't sync to my other devices.

Then I used the “Send to Kindle” Mac app for a while. But that didn't support the epub format and more often than not I didn’t get covers for my books.

Let’s just say that it’s been a mess lately to get my books from elsewhere to my Kindle library.

But now I finally have my one-stop-shop for getting content onto my library:

Many times I find myself wanting to quickly jump around to different positions in a command in iTerm. In a text editor it’s simple, OPTION + arrowKey moves one word at the time, CMD + arrowKey moves to the beginning/end of a line. But in iTerm this doesn’t work by default. But I found out there’s a way around it.

This is how you make it work:

  1. In iTerm press CMD + , to open the Preferences
  2. Go to Profiles > Keys > Key Mappings
  3. In the presets at the bottom, select Natural Text Editing
  4. Done.

This makes navigating around long commands in iTerm a bit easier to deal with.