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Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to write. I had a blog once, a blog that slowly faded because I wrote about stuff that didn't really interest me. Engagement is important. You need to be passionate about the things you do.

This goes for writing as well. If I'm not interested in what I write no one else will ever be. My name is Johannes Holmberg and the people I know call me a Web Designer. The web is a fantastic place that brings humans together, it connects people. For this to happen, people need something to interact with, they need interfaces. This was an extraordinary interesting field for me and the main reason why I chose to start working with the web.

The experience you get when you're browsing the web can sometimes be magical and other times as you may well know, not so magical. The funny thing about interfaces is that they don't really need to be magical to make the experience be magical. They just need to be predictable. Create an interface that doesn't frustrate the user and you have won so much. From there you can take it to the next level and add the small details that will bring the interface from a good user experience to a great user experience.

These small details are usually very logical. Pretend for a moment that you encounter a web page with a form for you to fill out. The only purpose for this page is to fill out the form. Nothing else. Wouldn't it be great if the cursor was already in the first field, ready for you to start typing? This is a small detail, very easy to implement and gives a lot of satisfaction to the end user. Still a lot of websites out there doesn't really consider this.

These are the kind of details that I care about. That I want to do better.