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Johannes Holmberg

UI developer & designer



About me

Hi there. My name is Johannes Holmberg and I come from the northern forests of Sweden. I’m really passionated about design. And I’m equally passionated about technology. That’s why I love my work as a UI developer, because it let’s me work at the intersection of both. I created my first website in 2003 and I remembered it feeling like magic.

Now I've been creating professionally on the web for the last 10 years and have become pretty good at it. My specialties are responsive web design and design systems. I like to think of user interfaces as independent components that work together in harmony.

Rather than designing pages and screens, I always break up the interface into components so that each part is a separate entity. Each component needs to work everywhere, independent of browser, device or screen.

It’s much easier to test, adapt and adjust the interface when it’s built on a component level. This way I can build robust and resilient user interfaces that don’t break depending on context. And this is why I love design systems.

If you would like to get some details on the software and apps I’m using on a day to day basis, I made a little page just for that.

Having worked both at in-house teams as well as a business owner on my own, I have gained a lot of valuable experience on leadership and how to collaborate in different environments. So if you need a hand in bringing your digital visions to life, reach out to me and we will take it from there.

Since a couple of years back I’m living and thriving in Basel, Switzerland. When I’m not busy making websites, I love spending time outside with Linda, my girlfriend. Switzerland is such a beautiful country and hiking has become a top priority since I moved here. There simply is so much to see! Some of this I post to my Instagram account now and then.

I’m also a passionate bookworm and learn so much from reading a tiny bit everyday. If you’re into books too, you can catch me up on Goodreads and let’s be book friends 🤞

About the site

This website was made in the purpose of creating a digital home to collect the writing and the work I do. The last couple of years I have downsized on my social media appearance and wanted to have a simple home where I can experiment at my own pace.

  • The website is powered by Gatsby
  • It is currently hosted at Netlify
  • Hand coded with HTML and CSS
  • No frameworks were used in the creation of this site
  • Profile photo taken by Erik Carlsson

I see this website as my playground so I don’t always worry how it looks across various browsers. But I’m keen about accessibility and usability issues so if you find something I might have missed, please let me know.