I have a very close relationship with my iPhone. A deep connection was established from the moment I picked it out of the box. Every time, it’s a true joy to use and it doesn’t feel like a machine, more like an extension of myself.

You feel the same way too? I could almost figure.

The iPhone can be turned into almost anything you like. A powerful video recording device, a gaming machine, a newspaper, an iPod, an entertaining machine, a social networking tool, yeah you get it. While this is indeed amazing, it’s also a bit scary I’d say.

When most people bought an iPhone for the first time, it was because they needed a new phone to make phone calls and so they could access the Internet and emails in a very intuitive way. For most people that was the basic needs. Still I think many of those people today are spending a lot of time tossing around different colored birds in the direction of some green pigs. I know, because I did too.

I think most iPhones out there today is so crammed with apps that are just stealing time worth more than the actually value you get back using it. Because of the App Store and it’s marketing, we’re being fooled into using things we didn’t need in the first place. And that with the price of our attention (and sometimes real money as well). That’s a pretty high price to pay, I would say.

My conception is that apps are dead. Most of them today is just a big distraction that fills up your beautiful device with a lot of clutter. Real time information will be more valuable. Get the information you need, only when needed. No maintaining, no clutter, no procrastinating. Just valuable information, right in time. Even if that will be a fact very soon, we’re not really there yet. It’s time to declutter.

I can tell you what I have on my iPhone. I have 5 downloaded apps today. Spotify, for the music I love. Day one, for the most beautiful way to write a diary. Twitter, to communicate with the world. Google+, the network I think will be the most important in a soon future. Everyday, for an experiment I did taking a picture of myself each day for a year. That experiment is over in a week and when it is I’m gonna delete the app to declutter. And that’s it.

With this said I just want to make you aware. Aware of all the distractions you have at just one arms length away every day. When you find yourself to tangled up in them, take a moment to declutter, spend time with the person at the other end of the table, go out and explore the world, do the work you love, create valuable things. I’ll tell you what. It’s worth it.