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A couple of days in on my month of German and I have some updates.

  1. I found this great podcast called German GrammarPod where Laura explains the structure of the language in a direct and simple way. She explains in what ways it is similar and where it differs from English. I’ve always had a tough battle with grammar so this is a good refresh for languages in general.
  2. Just started reading Südlich der Grenze, Westlich der Sonne and it goes well so far. The language is pretty simple and on just the right level to keep it interesting for me. I bought a German-English dictionary for my Kindle so I can get a translation just by tapping a word. It's very convenient.
  3. I've even gone against my own rule and succumbed to that insidious drug, television. It helps to hear the language often and the good thing about German TV is that pretty much everything is dubbed and without subtitles. The more hardcore exposure I get the better.
  4. I also thought about starting to write a little bit. Found out that Duolingo has a whole translation section online where you could help out translating English texts into German. I think that would be a good start.