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I wrote a piece a couple of years ago on how my day looks like. But things have changed since then and I thought it’s about time for an update. This is how a typical day looks like for me at the moment.

06:00. I like getting up early and Sleep Cycle is the perfect tool for waking me at the right time. My first hour I spend writing. I call this session the morning project. Getting an hour of writing done the first thing of the day is one of my absolute highlights.

07:00. Heading out for the morning walk. I like to run through the upcoming day in my head and plan it out loosely while I’m walking. Other times I just enjoy listening to a podcast.

08:00. Time for focused creative work. This is the time of day when I have most brain power reserved. So I’m using it for my most important projects and to tackle the hardest issues of the day. Today it’s dedicated to set up the frontend architecture for a new service we are developing.

11.30. One of my micro principles is that I need to move before I get to eat. So I’m heading out to the gym to do a half-hour workout on the elliptical. It’s amazing how moving my body seems to make all problems slide off. I always come back refreshed and ready for lunch.

13:00. I use the afternoon for doing more administrative work. I open my email inbox for the first time and reply as necessary. If I got no meetings planned I pick up the work I started in the morning.

16:30. I’m trying to wrap the day early if I can. I like to read a few pages from my current book (right now it’s Factfulness by Hans Rosling.) Then I’m out for an afternoon walk in the neighborhood. I like walking in the forest if I can. It has such a soothing effect on me and is a perfect way of winding down for the day.

18:00. Dinner with my family. It’s nice to cook up a meal together with my partner and talk about today’s events. I also enjoy some time with my daughter.

20:00. After our daughter has gone to bed I spend some more time with my partner. I usually read while she’s drawing. It’s a nice way of closing the day. Then I take a few minutes to note down a couple of highlights in my bullet journal. I’ve found this practice to be so valuable over time.

22:00. My watch silently vibrates to let me know it’s time to prepare for sleep. In bed I spend a couple of minutes meditating on the day before snoozing off.