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I’m actually starting to think in German. That’s a great step. After doing an intensive period of grammar training and listening to podcasts, I’ve allowed myself a bit more slack.

Last week I spent in Rome and didn’t practice much at all, just tried to enjoy my vacation. This week I’ve picked up another book in German and once again it’s a book from Murakami. I don’t know, I just feel that for learning a new language – Murakami’s style is perfect.

I’ve also started talking with more courage, only short sentences, but still. It’s hard to recognize progress when you’re in the middle of it but I feel I’ve advanced so much during this month. When I watch TV I can follow the dialog and the plot quite well. Before I understood words, now I understand meaning.

Next week the German course I signed up for will start and that’s another step in this progress. I’ve begun to feel I’m starting to tire of my own practice so it will be a good change to get together with other people and have a bit of “real” conversation.