Bam! The wheels just came out under my feet and a couple of minutes later we’re grounded. The SAS flight SK1605 has just moved me across Europe, from Sweden to Switzerland.

This place that I left a couple of years ago and didn’t think I would return to. Yet here I am. It’s a strange feeling. Like flipping a switch. Boom! And you’re another person. Your thoughts are no longer defined in Swedish. The Swedish me is not here anymore. As if it had to leave place for something new.

Interesting how these life changing events kind of reinvents your own being. All of a sudden there are no boundaries to what this new me could be. I’m defining him as I go along. If I imagine a way for how the Swiss version of me are going to speak and act; I’ll soon do it.

It’s a little bit like stepping back, out of your current self and watch the rest versions lined up like suits in a wardrobe. Now we can mould this new one in any way we like.

When I moved back to Sweden two years ago after having been away on a trip around world trip, I quickly fell back into old habits. Cause that’s the way the Swedish me was moulded from childs age. The boundaries I’d put up for myself at that age came back. It was frustrating but hard to change.

I started getting anxious about silly things, got tense and closed myself again. I caught motion sickness. It was weird. Just a couple of years ago I’d been riding the skies. This felt silly. On my journey I had been to some of the worlds weirdest corners, riding outrageous vehicles and never been distressed about it. Probably because that person chose not to.

I felt it was important to get this down as I move forward now. There is always a choice for how you present yourself in the world and how you react at the things that come your way. It’s good to have a solid foundation and I’ll try to work from that as I’m shaping my new suit. I hope it’ll be a great one.