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My journal helps me understand where I’ve been. It’s helpful having a way to recollect the things that set me on the path I’m currently on. I’ve found that just three lines of reflection in the bullet journal every evening helps me to reinforce where I’m going. It gives a purpose to the day when I take stock of the things that happened to me, and reflect on how I handled them.

Sometimes it’s hard to get started though. Some days I have no idea what is worth logging and I lack inspiration. What I do in these cases is that I go back and read what I logged in the last couple of days. It’s strange what this does but just by looking at what previous me has accomplished I get all excited and I’m ready to log a couple of lines.

A day in and of itself may not look like much. Especially when I am living that day right now, I can’t really put it into context. But it’s when I start stringing the days together, and seeing the longer view, that the pieces starts clicking for me. By logging just a tiny bit every day I’m documenting my own path.