This website has been many things over the years. A portfolio, a blog, a landing page for a newsletter and lately it’s been next to nothing. It was time for a refresh.

What I wanted this time was a home. Since I’ve been downgrading a lot on my social media appearance in the last couple of years, I wanted to have a central spot where I could present myself, collect my thoughts, show my projects/experiments and list the great resources I find on the web.


I went for a simple look. I started by defining the navigation and really wanted to avoid using the hamburger menu on a narrow screen. If it’s possible, it’s just so more convenient to let go of that extra tap to reach the navigation items. I also wanted to take advantage of a bigger screen estate if available so the wrappers reach out at 1640px in some places.

New design of my website

My new home as of May 29th, 2014.

I’ve had some kind of love for this purple/pink color I’ve used in recent years and I relate it to the way I am presenting myself. I use it in my keynotes and everywhere I could attach a color to myself. So I just kept riding that wave. The typeface being used is FF Meta Serif Pro. One of my favorites.


WordPress has always been my standard of choice for my personal websites earlier but this time I wanted to go for something more lean and lightweight. My choice fell on Octopress and I am really happy with how it works. Having all my posts and pages as collected markdown documents makes writing and maintenance a joy. Everything in one place. The website also feels so much faster when there is no dependency on a database and deploying new stuff is a blast.


So here it is. My new home for the rest of 2014. There are still many things to come and some things I want to change but I am happy now that I have a great flexible foundation to further build upon.