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This year has been huge for me. I moved to Switzerland. Sat up my own business. Acclimatized in my new home town. And I’ve been doing quite a lot of traveling on top of that. As I wrote last year, 2014 and 2015 were really different from each other in the sense of all the newness that last year brought.


I think the biggest part for me has been the professional changes in my life. Going from always being employed to all of a sudden being my own boss has been a fun ride. Taking strategical decisions for the business, planning out a schedule, getting clients, setting up an office. I’ve loved doing all these things. And I look forward for keep doing it and evolve the business further.


I learned so much last year. New habits and tricks that I’ve incorporated in my life. One of the biggest things though that I really put my mind to was learning German and it’s coming along pretty well. Learning a new language is powerful. Hard but powerful. I’m finding out that there are concepts and words in German that catches the essence of a meaning much more eloquently than in Swedish or English. And to figure that out, and to really grasp it, is mindblowing. Looking forward for keep doing that in the coming year.

What is nice about Basel is that it is located pretty much in the middle of Europe, so it’s never far to go anywhere. That means I’ve been able to travel much more this year than previously. Very pleased by that.

Some notes on 2015

  • Started using YNAB. (Budgeting has never been more fun)
  • Visited Rome for the first time. (Hint: I loved that place.)
  • Getting my first activity tracker. (It’s been very powerful for helping me understand my habits and correct them for the better)
  • Got a home office set up.
  • Learning German.
  • Started monthly experiments.
  • Hiked a lot.
  • Joined a book club.