I’ve finished my 3D project for last month and I’m thinking about what to do now. It would be nice to get out of the house and have an outside project for once. I’ve spent too much time in front of the screens lately. I’d like to change that.

I’ve been thinking about doing something involving photography, but then again, December is just not the month when you’re bursting with joy to get outside in the dark, is it?

So I changed my mind. Work has been piling up lately and it looks like December is already pretty much booked up. That’s why I’ve decided to only chill down when I have some spare time. Not go chasing new experiences or skills. Just grab a cup of tea and a great book. Besides, I need to summarize this year both in writing and bookkeeping. That’s going to take some time. So my focus will be on cleaning up this year as best as I can and then start fresh again in January.