It seems like every second year now I have the opportunity and time to attend a bigger conference in my field. It’s way too few but I’m working on it. This weekend I went with my team at Osynlig to attend TDC in Trondheim.

The venue was awesome and an inspiring place to be. It started out at 8.00 in the morning with speakers the whole way through 7.00 in the evening. I managed to listen in on 11 presentations all in all and was filled to the brim with inspiration after the day was through.

11 presentations in a day

Listening to Douglas Crockford speaking about JavaScript was a little bit unreal. Like listening to Steve Jobs how he created the Macintosh. Or God how he created the world. I mean, he’s been in the game for so long and seen changes come and go. I got a much bigger perspective for the tools I use and the work I do after his talk.

It was cool to listen in on Harry Roberts, and how he thought when devising his new concept for architecturing CSS—ITCSS.

Christian Heilmann is just such an awesome speaker. I learned tons about how to craft your presentation from this guy. Even if that was not his topic.

Chris Coyier is like that imaginary coding buddy you always hear in your head. (Listening a lot to ShopTalk, it feels like he’s always around.) That guy owns the stage and he is so skilled in his field. It was awesome to be able to finally meet him and have a couple of words in the break.

TDC, hope to see you next year

I had a wonderful time at the Clarion Hotel & Congress. The atmosphere had just the right amount of geekiness and the speakers were all top notch. The only thing I can complain about was that the schedule was tight and a lot of speakers had to stress through their slides to get done on time. Maybe a 2 day setup would be a better alternative?

Anyway, I hope to come back to Trondheim next year.