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Last day of the German project. The other day I started the course in town that I had signed up for. Originally it was planned to start at the beginning of the month, but since it was too few attendants back then, it got postponed.

It’s been very rewarding to only focus on one big thing this month and I can feel the result. The last few days I have started speaking with much bigger confidence than ever. I’ve stopped being shy and just let go with it. I think it has to do with that I have a much better grasp of the grammatical structure of the language now than before. Even if I make mistakes, I have the tools to correct them.

Throughout this month I have been reading books, newspapers, watched TV and had conversations—all in German. Additionally I’ve listened to podcasts helping me with the grammatical part and made my own practice on

What was unfortunate was that I went for vacation in the middle of it which threw me off course a bit, but I managed to get back on track in the end. A big plus with this focus is that I’ve published more on my website in one month than I’ve had ever before. It was a neccessary practice to try and document the progress.

So, what would be the focus for November? I haven’t really decided yet. German will still be a big part since I will continue my course but I would like to focus on some creative part of my life. Maybe drawing. Maybe doing some 3D work. I will take the weekend to think it over.