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I was walking in to the city the other day when a guy stopped me on the street. I hate being interrupted when I'm out and about but he asked me for a couple of questions and since he already made me stand still I said it was okay.

He asked me about the immigration crisis and what I thought about it. I answered that I don't think much about it. He asked what I felt when I was seeing it in the news. I said that I don't follow the news that much.

Now he started getting really intense with his questions. He couldn't believe that I didn't watch any TV, listened to radio or read any newspaper. I answered that most of it doesn't apply to me and I like to focus on my own life. He was silent some time and then said it made sense and in fact sounded quite wise.

I was glad that he actually saw that part of it because most people don't. Many people I know are obsessing so much over the news and the latest development in questions all over the world that they forget themselves.

I know people that check their phones every fee minutes, dying of thirst for getting exciting news from somewhere. Just something. Because everything else is more interesting than their own lives, in this moment, right now.

I realize we are living in times where we are obsessing over the news from day to day, or even minute to minute, and take for granted that everybody else should too. I think it's just not necessary.