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I got inspired by Wes Bos to put together my own page with the tools that I use on a regular basis.


  • I’m using Visual Studio Code as my editor and loving it. I came over from Atom, and before that I used Sublime Text for many years. I have also been a heavy proponent of Coda and back in the day I was on the Dreamweaver bandwagon.
  • I’m using Sarah Drasner’s Night Owl theme.
  • And the font is Dank Mono.
  • I’ve recently switched my terminal over to Hyper from iTerm2.


  • Google Chrome has been my browser of choice for many years but I’ve recently switched over to Firefox and I’m loving it. Their new rendering engine and dev tools are really top notch!


  • For all things design and UI related I use Sketch.
  • I’m doing prototyping in InVision.
  • For any type of image manipulation work I use Pixelmator Pro. I’ve used Photoshop for years, but I don’t say no to leaner and more efficient tools.
  • PixelSnap is a super useful tool for measuring any element on the screen. Have been using it a ton lately.
  • And ColorSnapper is a must for easy picking of colors anywhere on the screen.


  • Alfred to navigate my file system.
  • When I need a classic FTP client I use Transmit.
  • TextExpander is great for those snippets you type over and over again.
  • Things 3 is my task manager and I’m following a GTD mindset.
  • I’ve come to love Magnet as my window manager.
  • Bartender keeps things nice and tidy in the menu bar.
  • I’m using CloudApp to annotate and share screenshots.
  • 1Password keeps all my password and important assets protected and accessible.

Writing & Journaling

  • I am using Ulysses for all my writing and Day One for my journaling.


  • In 2018 I switched to a MacBook Pro 13", with a dual monitor set up from LG.
  • At home I’m using a 27” iMac with Retina (Late 2014) and as a traveling companion I have a lightweight MacBook (Mid 2016).
  • For over 6 years I’ve been using a black Goruck Echo to carry my laptop and for whenever I travel the world.