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Desk Setup



  • Alfred to navigate my file system.
  • Keyboard Maestro for macros and workflow configuration.
  • Bartender keeps things nice and tidy in the menu bar.
  • CleanShot X to annotate and share screenshots.
  • 1Password to keep my passwords protected and accessible.
  • Focus to block out distractions and get in the flow.
  • ColorSnapper for quickly getting color codes for anything on the screen.
  • PixelSnap for measuring any element on the screen.
  • Spotify for all music.
  • Reeder for RSS and read later services.
  • Pinboard for permanent bookmark storage.

Home screen

Other gear

  • Backpack: Goruck GR1 21L. Have used Goruck’s products for almost 10 years. Best in the world.
  • I wear my AirPods Max nearly all day while at the desk, and use my AirPods Pro while out walking or traveling.