Hi, I’m Johannes.

I help companies create performant user interfaces.

Available for hire

Frontend Development

I work together with teams from companies all over the world to provide responsive and optimized user interfaces.

Information Architecture

I provide methods and guidelines to help organizations streamline their internal processes and information architecture.

Interaction Design

I create mockups and sketch out the user experience design for products, websites and digital services.

Scenkonst Västernorrland

Scenkonst Västernorrland

Scenkonst Västernorrland (The Stage Company) was in great need of refurbishing their digital presence to reach a wider audience. The challenge was to have all their 6 sub departments in music, film, theater and dance (each with its own brand) to play together and be part of the whole solution. Read more →

A Year of Retreat

2014 was the year when I didn’t do a thing at all. Of course I did things, but nothing in the big memorable sense.

The Money Book

The Money Book

If you’re trying to create financial security as an independent worker, but you are following guidelines that are designed for traditional workers, you’re going to get yourself into trouble. More highlights →

by Joseph D'Agnese, Denise Kiernan