Hi, I’m Johannes.

I help companies create performant user interfaces.

Available for hire

Frontend Development

I work together with teams from companies all over the world to provide responsive and optimized user interfaces.

Information Architecture

I provide methods and guidelines to help organizations streamline their internal processes and information architecture.

Interaction Design

I create mockups and sketch out the user experience design for products, websites and digital services.

Mobile services for SSG

Mobile services for SSG

I worked on the front-end of a new mobile platform for SSG (Standard Solutions Group). It was basically a subset of their most critical applications to be available on mobile. A first step in going fullscale responsive over their whole suite of applications and services.

Reinvent yourself

What would it be like if you took everything you knew about yourself up until this point and threw it in the trash bin?

Time Enough for Love

Time Enough for Love

Some people are ants by nature; they have to work, even when it’s useless. Few people have a talent for constructive laziness. More highlights →

by Robert A. Heinlein