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In the world of Cultural Care there are people referred to as LCC’s—Local Childcare Coordinators. These people work from all over the United States to help supporting the au pairs in their daily chores.

The system they were using to keep an overview of the status of the au pairs was not built for access on smartphones. Since more and more LCC’s did their work while they were out visiting au pairs–and not in the office–there was time for a revamp.

My role in this project was to figure out what they needed in order to do their job well. I started out by creating the content hierarchy in a plain text format. Then I switched to code, to create design mockups directly in the browser. I was regularly checking in with LCC’s and other stakeholders to see that we were creating the right thing.

After several iterations, most of the new responsive interface was completed and implemented together with the engineers at Cultural Care.

It was the primary product I was working on in the winter of 2012 while I was still employed at Cultural Care.