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Hälsokällan is a service company in Sweden offering courses for health and mindfulness. They needed a new platform for showcasing what they do. In collaboration with Osynlig I was working on this project as front-end developer / WordPress implementor.

It was a fun project and I got to collaborate very closely with the owner at Hälsokällan. The beautiful design was made by Erik at Osynlig and it made it very easy for me to break it down into components.

All components can be reused both from an administrator perspective within WordPress but also from a markup / styling perspective. Each page is built up via custom content blocks in WordPress. So it is possible for an administrator to pick and choose and make a page with a quote block, an image block and a text block for instance. Each block is custom made so it has just the right fields and options.

I enjoy making these smaller websites where we can focus on simplicity and custom tailor the admin part making it easy for the users to update their content. It made me very happy to hear this from the client after we launched:

What an amazing job! Incredibly beautiful and professional. I’m speechless.

It’s one of the reasons why I love doing this so much.