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This website was made in the purpose of creating a digital home to collect the writing and the work I do. The last couple of years I have downsized on my social media appearance and wanted to have a simple home where I can experiment at my own pace.

  • The website is powered by Jekyll.
  • It’s hand coded with HTML and CSS.
  • No frameworks were used in the creation of this site.
  • SASS helps CSS maintenance.
  • Workflow automations are happening with Gulp.
  • I use Bower to keep a good overview of packages.
  • The website is currently hosted at MediaTemple.
  • My profile photo is taken by Erik Carlsson.

I see this website as my playground so I don’t always worry how it looks across various browsers. But I’m keen about accessibility and usability issues so if you find something I might have missed, please let me know.